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SkinCare Services & Pricing

All skin care services are preformed by Brittany our licensed Esthetician

Microdermabrasion $60

Exfoliating machine that helps in preventing and minimize fine lines, sun spots, and light scarring.

Extractions $35

Manually clearing clogged pores. Includes Mini Facial.

MicroCurrent $30

Facial stimulation, sending soft, gentle waves through the skin and down to the facial muscles. Helps with tightening and toning of the skin

Traditional Facial $75

 Includes: Double cleanse, exfoliate, mask, massage, tone and moisturize.

High Frequency $20

Safe oxygenating power of high frequency electrical current enhances blood circulation, increases collagen and elastin production, eliminates toxins and acne-causing bacteria, encourages lymphatic drainage, and safely exfoliates away dead skin cells to improve the appearance of the skin. In technical terms, the primary action of high frequency current is thermal (heat producing) and is characterized by a high rate of oscillation. Due to its rapid rate of oscillation, high frequency does not cause visible muscular contractions - instead, it works on the principle of gentle skin toning.

Mini Facial $40

Includes: double cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.

Back Facial $80

Relaxing facial but for your back. Includes: double cleanse, exfoliate, mask, massage, tone and moisturize.

Paraffin Dip $15

Special wax dip that helps penetrate/ lock in moisture for flaky/dry skin

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