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Hair Extensions

Extensions easily add volume and length, enhancing your hairstyle for an entirely different look. Any form of extension work requires a consultation! The canvas that you are starting with and what the goal is determines what the best method for the results you are looking to achieve. 


Tape-in hair extensions work by adding hair strands to your own hair through the use of adhesive. They're pretty effective at adding volume to your hair instantly, they are great for filling in.

HandTied Weft

 Flat and flexible, hand-tied weft hair extensions are perfect for those who want to have long, shiny, natural-looking hair. Hand-tied extensions don't require heat or glue for an application, so they are quite comfortable to wear. If someone has fine, delicate hair, hand tied will be the most comfortable and natural looking option to go with as they are light weight.

Machine Weft

Just like hand-tied but thicker! Anyone that has thick, denser textured hair are good candidates for machine wefts as those that already have thick hair can hide the slightly bulkier nature of the machine weft with ease. 


Clip-in extensions allow you to customize the way your hair looks in a matter of minutes. So if you like changing your hairstyle every day or hate doing maintenance, then clip-ins give you the versatility to apply them in the morning and take them off when you get home.


At home extension care keeps your hair extensions and your own natural hair happy and healthy. Aqua is the only truly protein-free line specially formulated for extension care. Making the essentials a part of your hair routine will keep your extensions looking beautiful for longer and prevent damage and matting.


As much as you love your extensions, your natural hair can't go without feeling the love too. Every 6-8 weeks your extensions need to be adjusted as to not cause damage to your natural hair.

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